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Shop Without Cart in Patna – Order/Upload list

Online Shopping with Offline Way in Patna !

Shop Without Cart in Patna

Don’t worry ! if you are not familiar with online shopping cart or you don’t want wasting your time on browsing too many products. You can order with single button click by giving us your paper list.

It is traditional way to imitate your Paper based shopping list where you write down the items to buy. just write down the product (or products) that you want and send us. It is a simple list of items (e.g. sugar, basmati rice, orange juice, atta etc).

Unlike a physical paper, her you type list of items (e.g. salt, sonam arwa rice, onion, nature fresh oil, atta, aloo, daal etc) .Just save paper and help make the environment clean and green!
Our executive will attend you and deliver your orders after verifying your address and
You can also inform or confirm your orders at 7323070624.